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Named after the coffee bean, arguably the most recognized farm produce in the world, Green Gold Ethiopia is a company prominently thriving in Holistic Coffee Entrepreneurship. Among the most qualified and longest experience in the industry the company is currently going through exponential expansion in owning and running ...

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Coffee Export and International Outreach

Comprehensive Outreach in our Coffee Export and Internationality

Coffee Processing Plants and Warehousing

Uncompromised Quality Control in our Coffee Processing to Yield Superior Standard

Coffee Farms and Cultivation

Traceable Naturality in our Farms

Coffee Roastery and Café

Unrivalled Glamor in our Exotic Coffee Roastery and Café

From the Farm to The Cup


We give a variety of services from roasting and brewing coffee to renting furnished apartments.

Actively involved in coffee export for several years, Green Gold Ethiopia has for long been exporting Ethiopian green Arabica coffee to a number of countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and also the United States. It has established solid and continuing partnerships with several prominent international coffee buyers and companies in many countries.
The company runs multi acres of rural farmlands growing coffee sustaining the practice in a second generation takeover. Our cultivation mechanisms are specialized on their own carried out in a careful mix of agricultural modernity while maintaining the unique attributes of wildness coffee grains.
The last three floors of Black Gold Complex are left exclusively for our luxurious furnished apartments. A kitchen with refrigerator, stove, microwave, and all other necessary equipment. 24/7 CCTV and reliable security.
To maintain its unique brand all the way from the farm to the coffee cup, the company has setup modern roasting machinery operated by staff especially trained for the purpose of coffee roasting with special expertise and craftsmanship in taste and style.
The company owns and runs advanced processing plants where green coffee beans are processed to yield superior standard coffee. This is done after technically analysing the qualities of cherry parchment or pre-hulled coffee the plants receives from other producers.


Coffee to Ethiopia is almost as precious as gold; thus the implication of the company name Green Gold. Coffee is the Ethiopian gift to the world; Green Gold Ethiopia P.L.C is a well experienced and dependable Coffee exporting company that delivers processed green, roasted and quality Ethiopian Coffee to the outside world.

Exotic Coffee Roastery & Café

Multicontinental Coffee Export

State-of-the-art Coffee Processing Plants

Rural arms Yielding Organic & Traceable Coffee

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